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“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” ..........<br /> This software is used to manipulate and enhance image quality whether they are digital or traditional photographs.

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We all know how much excited and how badly you want to be Hari Menon or Neeta Shankar. But before you start applying for the profession of photo editing you much be knowing how to select right type of picture rather than click it.

What`s the exact work of photo editor?

Photo editor works with his team of designers and other editors to create a rich experience for readers.

They produce good photo shoots and do lots of research and edit the incoming photos to choose the best image.

Skills of good photo editor:

He should be highly creative in his ideas and imaginations with well trained eye sight for that you don`t need to become a professional photographer but you should have good knowledge of color balance, lighting and with an intellect to choose right photos out 90 million photos available in shutter stock’s.

Duties of good photo editor:

Photo editors need to meet their managers to discuss what type of photo`s being needed and then give out photo assignments to their staffs. Once the picture are taken photo editor reviews the shoots taken and if needed do changes to enhance the quality of picture.

In large organizations photo editors had the team of photographer staffs but in small organizations photo editors have to do all works by him/her self. Other duties of photo editor is training of new staffs ,ordering of supplies from photo department and making ensure all digital photo shoots equipment’s should work properly.