website designing

As we are living in digital era beautiful website helps to increase our popularity in terms of our offerings i.e in products & in services. However, just developing a good website will not help you in the long run until you have a plan behind it. In order to get an effective result, you`ll need to develop a website strategy.

It’s a long-term strategic business plan suggesting how to develop companies online presence with an effective business strategic model like

a)What`s your website goal.

b)Who is your focused targeted audience.

c)Crate a blueprint flowchart of your website.

d)Plan maintenance ahead of time.

e)Testing & working on feedbacks so that there should be room for improvement.

Is website development is an art or science 

Graphic designing is a new way of creating something which was earlier not existing anywhere. With building construction as we can see space with base foundation finally week by week, it turns into some structure toses empty spaces get a share of the room finally a complete house. With website design, it’s not so easy to hand over your logo and collaterals to someone and how that designer gets it into some space is not so easy.

Typically website designing process begins with designing a questioner and giving it to the salesperson with the help of that questionnaire he gets into the sales conversation process and tries to understand the pain points of his customers, he figures out the

needs of his clients, information about the client’s audience and competitors, and other similar questions and gives solutions accordingly.

In Right Selection, we will go to your website and your competitor’s website to pinpoint what do you like and don`t like. This will help the web designer to analyze what to avoid and keep while designing the website.

After receiving the logo of your company we will design a rough framework of your website how it should look, what elements to keep on the home page and how the alignment of pages should be looking like.

Once everything is sketched in papers we will design that into photoshop. Photoshop is where the actual fun begins!! I will open a new canvas and will start adding elements using my hand-drawn framework sketch as a guide.

If the website is for children I will use playful fonts and bright colors and if the website is for traditional clients I will using classic fonts and muted colors. If you have not provided any photograph I will do a stock photo search in shutter stock and try to select the best images which match your business concept so that your website should look like a true hero in the virtual world.